Sommer 2012 mit Global TBS!


GRAFFITI-EVENT on the river Spree


Art fans employees have had the possibility to express their own fantasy on the Graffiti Event on the river Spree at the nhow Hotel. With a graffiti expert on their side the employees designed their own works of art. Expertly and motivated they sprayed a remanufactured wall stylistically in a team. Furthermore they transformed creatively the motives of this event in a way that this happening has been an unflawed success. The glorious results of this event has not only been successful from the artistic point of view but also for the team members, as with this kind of action message they become on one hand a part of the company and on the other hand also a part of the artwork.





Baltic Sea Rallye - With 76 Top-Sellers

The rally is a Swiss term and is understood as a competition in the motor sport. This kind of sport takes place in stages, both on roads as also on field and forest paths. A slightly different form of rally took place at the Baltic Sea as an Incentive. In teams the challenge consisted of answering several questions regarding the Baltic Sea coast and its hinterland. Discovering thereby parts of the great landscape, away from off-the-shelf tourist places and meanwhile mastering a behemoth with 26 hp – the 1957th Zwickau, Germany manufactured passenger car called Trabant. For obtaining the rally trophy, creativity and commitment of the participants as well as their skill and team spirit have been essential. The winner of this competition has been happy about a basket full of Baltic specialties and all teams received their driver’s license for the successful Trabi driving lessons, after an exciting and interesting day in the rettling cars. The achievements of this event have been definitely the awaked enthusiasm for the Baltic Sea, which has furthermore boosted the team spirit.







Cruise through the Mecklenburg cuisine


The oldest and essential cultural technique of humanity is cooking. Therefore we abducted 80 enthusiastic employees to enjoy the Mecklenburg cuisine. From setting the tables and decorating them to a 4 course dinner at a 5 star hotel, the employees have done everything by themselves, from the soup and the meat to the dessert. Participants thus had the opportunity to proof their capabilities and culinary skills or to widen them under the professional guidance of a chef. In every excellent cuisine, team spirit and cooperation is required as the participants did also at this event. The ultimate result has been really “mouth-watering”. The great preparing and dining phase at this event has shown that cooperation and communication is the key for a successful teamwork.






Dinner adventure at the Porsche Museum

Porsche Museum which was opened in 2007 impresses by its stunning architecture and the perfect design in their exhibition rooms. In a way that you can even feel the Porsche myth. The crowning culmination of a two-day conference in Stuttgart was the exclusive use of the museum for an extraordinary dinner. We enthused the employees with a Gala Dinner which was held in a Porsche Design. The individual visiting’s through the precious vehicles has been the spectacular entertainment for the evening, which atomized the 81-year-old Porsche history. The stunning architecture along with the impressive history of Porsche has offered a framework for this unique and formidable customized Gala Dinner.







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